Weird Bangkok Cafes That Serve Great Food!

People always tend to look out for something unique in every possible place. Some might find it quirky to be unique, while some might find them different and special from the others!

Bangkok is known for its food delicacies and specialties, but they have amazingly designed cafes that might sound strange but are surely worth visiting. So, let us look at them one by one; Do not miss the places you liked!


  • Are you an ailurophile? Then, happy ‘Caturday’ cafe!

Cat lovers will never regret visiting the Caturday cafe located near BTS Skytrain station, Ratchathewi. From cute-looking cats to angry kittens, you can adore them, play with them while you enjoy your food!

  • The robo master- Hajime Robot Restaurant!

Robots in a restaurant? Yes!! Of course! Isn’t this driving you crazy?

The Hajime Robot Restaurant might serve Japanese cuisine in Bangkok, but you can enjoy watching the robots serve you delicious food.

So, crash into this place and watch how the metallic human beings take over the cafe!

  • Time for some cute desserts at Unicorn Cafe!

From the cafe’s brilliantly designed theme to adorable stuffed animals, the Unicorn Cafe does not give you a chance to take your eyes off it!

With a colorful themed cafe, enjoy some yummy desserts while you click some pictures to add to your blogs or Instagram stories!

  • Are you a Corgi lover? Then, don’t miss to visit ‘Corgi in the garden’!

Not just one or two, you will find twelve corgis accompany you in the cafe!

The corgis, with pretty names like Buttercup, Porkchop, Salmon, and so on, the cafe is opened only for half a year. There is no pre-booking and, thus, be there on time to enjoy yourself with the doggies. The cafe owner wanted her puppies to grow together and share happiness; This made her open a restaurant!

  • Wattana’s ‘The Gardens of Dinsors Palace’!

Being a royal family residence at one time, the Palace is filled with delightful rabbits, white peacocks, swans, fountains, and greenery.


The venue is also used for weddings, but for a fantastic cafe experience, the place has refurbished separate two-storied palace buildings that serve exotic pasta, meat, and pizza dishes at night. And yeah, do not forget to taste their homemade drinks and desserts!

  • The ‘SHUGAA’ world?

Shugaa is the saccharine pastel wonderland located near Ekkamai BTS station known for its tasty ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall,’ a vast mirror-glazed chocolate mousse with caramel apple. Also, to try something unique, you can try ice-creams baked and decorated just like a polar bear or a cat or a dog. Furthermore, the place offers you a bunch of unique drinks such as Gen Ki, matcha drink, and so on.