Time To Visit Some Instagrammable Bangkok Cafes!

Instagram is one of those applications that drive people crazy, be it from the stories or reels. People surely would love to visit places that give good vibes and good pictures! What say?

Bangkok is known for its unique cafes that serve delicious foods, be it traditional or street or exotic dishes. So, we have listed some cafes and restaurants that are ‘Instagram-worthy’; if you know what we mean!


  • Samphathawong’s CHATA:

CHATA is popularly known as the first trendiest cafe in Bangkok in Chinatown. The visitors admire the cafe due to its glass architecture featuring a red brick wall and the best coffee. By using premium and imported coffee beans to prepare coffee, the cafe has won a few awards too!

  • Thonglor’s Hands and Heart Cafe!

We would not be wrong if we claim that the cafe is explicitly designed for minimalists. However, with aesthetic yet clean monochrome interiors and a great coffee, the place can make any person smile and makes them stay. Do not miss out on tasting their hand-brewed coffee, as they are famously known for the same!

  • Chinatown’s Lhong Tou!

Lhong Tou is the best destination for people who love Chinese food, on the one hand, and love clicking pictures to story it on Instagram, on the other. The unique part of the restaurant is that the seating arrangements are designed using bunks. Irrespective of the waiting queue is present for about 45 minutes; the place is worth it for your Instagram and taste buds!


  • Ekkamai’s Featherstone!

Do not miss to check out the Featherstone, which is indeed a magical world!

Click some fantastic pictures inside the incredible interiors of the restaurant with photo frames of beautiful butterflies, lights, and stuff while you sip your whimsical ‘Mermaid Drink.’

However, the foods are served differently here, and do not hesitate to visit the place if you love fantasies!

  • Suan Luang’s KIMMIK!

KIMMIK would be the best place for people who love coffee and simplicity. You can easily find the cafe on the first floor of Thairong Tower in Bangkok because of the aroma of coffee. The unique part about the place is a wall filled with polaroid pictures; this would help you pose alone or with your polaroid itself to become an excellent picture for your next post on Instagram!


  • Thonglor’s Luka Moto!

The cafe designed with the partnership of BMW is the best place for motor lovers and tourists. The retro-themed interiors of the restaurant are bold and beautiful, serving tasty Gangnam Chicken Waffle and Breakfast Burrito. So, they are indeed worth it to make it to your Instagram feed!

All the cafes mentioned above are worthy of visiting once in a while, not because they can make it to your Instagram feed, stories, and reels, but also gives good vibes, good food, and a great ambiance. So, happy visiting!