Excellent Bangkok Food Specialties To Try Once In Your Lifetime!

Bangkok is known for its fantastic food specialties that are unique from one another. So, we have listed some of the popular food specialties from Thailand so that you can try them once you visit Bangkok, Thailand!

  1. The Duck Rice:

Duck rice or noodles can be found in most of the restaurants in Bangkok. The pork and the duck are set to marination and then roasted with perfection and tender and soft meat. Taste this delicacy with a special sauce that includes a mixture of sweet and spicy sauces!

Excellent Bangkok Food Specialties To Try Once In Your Lifetime!

1. Pad Thai or Thai fried noodles:

Head to any Thai restaurant in Bangkok, and you will find the well-known national noodle of Thailand- Thai fried noodles!

Enjoy the delicious noodles that comprise peanuts, eggs, prawns, tofu, beansprouts, and tamarind sauce/juice.

2. Time to eat sweet? Try Pandan Sweetmeat (Kueh)!

Kueh, popularly known as Kanom Krok Bai Toey, is a pretty healthy dish where Kanom refers to a snack; Krok relates to something prepared in a cast iron pan that looks like a mortar Bai toey means Pandan.

The snack is said to be healthy as it is not subjected to frying. Don’t forget to try this soft, warm, and chewy snack with a sponge-like texture when you visit Bangkok!

3. Kanom Bueang:

Garnished with sweet or spicy toppings that include chopped scallions, fried egg yolks, shredded coconuts, and fried eggs, Kanom Bueang, a crispy pancake, will surely blow your mind when you taste it!

4. Moo Ping

Moo Ping, well-known as grilled pork, is one of the famous street foods in           Bangkok. The sweet, tender, and succulent meat is placed on a stick while the chef uses heat and amber from the charcoal to cook the grilled pork!

5. Kway Teow Rua- The boat noodles!

The quantity of the boat noodles served might be less, but the dish’s quality again!

Kway Teow Rua is known as boat noodles as it was traditionally served in the boats. The best place to crash in Bangkok to get these hot noodles is at Victory monument. Just show the picture of these noodles and look at how people will help you reach the place by showing directions!

6. Braised Pork Rice at Wanton noodles!

We bet no food blogger would have missed this place to try Braised Pork rice.    Pork rice is the most popular, not only in the area but also in Bangkok! Enjoy this soft and tender pork cooked along with braised sauce making the dish even yummier.

7. Som Tum- The Papaya Salad!

With different varieties of Som Tum, it would be difficult for you to crash into other places to try each one of them. So, bounce into Som Tum Nua, which serves varieties of papaya salads, and enjoy the best chicken wings ever!