Best Destinations To Try Bangkok’s Local Food!

Bangkok is known for its delicious food, and especially its cheap street foods.

A foodie must check out these places for the best street foods ever. The local food is mostly the traditional Thai dishes that can fill not only your stomachs but also your hearts!

So, we have lined up some best food places known for Bangkok cuisines in the streets!

Bangkok is known for its delicious food, and especially its cheap street foods.

  • Crash into Guay Jab Mr Joe for crunchy pork belly!

Guay Jab Mr Joe, a Bib Gourmand-awarded place situated in Thanon Chan, is known for its yummy pork belly. Guay Jub refers to a rice noodle soup with lots of pepper; In addition, this food is also one of the restaurant’s specialties and hence is named after the restaurant.

  • Bounce to Wattanapanit for tasty beef stew!

Located in Bangkok’s hipster paradise of Ekkamai Road, Wattanamapit is known for its beef stew. Make yourself comfortable on the stool while you enjoy the meat-infused broth, juicy, and crusty noodles!

  • Enjoy chicken stew in Sae Phun!

Sae Phun, the Michelin’s Bib Gourmand award winner, is located in Mahannop Road for almost 80 years!

The recipes from this restaurant are passed on by a family from generation to generation. They are the best at serving tender chicken accompanying by smooth gravy and fluffy rice!

  • Visit Kway Tiew Heavy for yummy pork noodles!

Kway Tiew Heavy is known for its food as well as its chef! Interesting, right?

The pork noodles prepared with a blend of a few spices and later topped with the milk are organized by the head chef Ekkarin who is locally known as “Thonburi’s Carabao Noodle Guy.”

Amidst the long queue, the chef does not fail in entertaining his customers with some dance moves to the music from Thai rock band Carabao and fast movements of his hands that serve food quickly!

  • Bump into Chakki for deep-fried noodles!

Located in Rang Nam Road at Chinatown in Bangkok, Chakki is well-known for its sweet and salty combo of noodles along with thick gravy sauce!

Thie specialty of this 30-year old restaurant is that they neither offer a menu to their customers nor refer to particular recipes.

  • Taste colorful crab omelets at Maha Chai Road!

Jay Fai, the first street vendor to be a Michelin star awardee, is known for cooking simple yet flavoury crab omelets, along with drunken noodles!

The restaurant charges a pretty high rate even though it comes under street foods!

  • Try pork-filled steamed buns in Gu Long Bao!

Located in Charoen Krung Road, Gu Long Bao is a 90-year old restaurant that serves soft pork-filled steamed buns. Make sure you pre-book your orders before visiting the place as it has got its demands!

No matter how much people fall for luxurious and expensive restaurants, street foods have their specialties. So, don’t miss to head out on any above of these places if you are a food lover!

Happy eating!